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3,000 Vietnamese Represenatives Gather in Nanning China

Tuesday was the third day and final day of this year's China-Vietnam Youth Gala. 3,000 Vietnamese representatives gathered for one last celebration in Nanning, the capital city of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Their gala was lauded by Chinese President Xi Jinping and Vietnamese President Truong Tan San.

Young people are the future.
That was the message sent by Chinese President Xi Jinping in a special letter to the Youth Gala’s attendees.
Xi added that he hopes young people from both China and Vietnam will work together toward strengthening the two countries’ friendship.

Chinese vice president Li Yuanchao and the chairman of the Vietnamese Fatherland Front Central Committee, Nguyen Thien Nhan, also attended the celebration and delivered their own speeches. A total of around 10,000 youths from China and Vietnam participated in the big event. Actors from both countries provided the entertainment, taking the stage to perform together.

Audience members also joined in, creating a sea of singing and dancing. Tong Van Truong, Vietnamese Representative, said, “I danced with the Chinese young people. I feel they are very friendly and generous. It was great!” Wang Xin, Chinese Representative, said, “I was surprised that they could speak Chinese. When they speak Chinese, I feel so warm.” Tomorrow, the 3,000 representatives from Vietnam will return home. But they will bring with them a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture and the friendship of China's youths.