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Hechi Collects Works for Guangxi Network Literature Contest

Hechi Daily recently started collecting outstanding local works for the first Guangxi Network Literature Contest.

Lasting from May to September, the contest receives two types of literature – full-length novels and essays. Novels should be at least 150,000 words and essays no less than 2,000 words.

Each writer can choose at most three works in each of the two types. All entries should be original works finished and non-published before Sep 12, 2015. The highest prize is 20,000 yuan ($3,222) for an award-winning work.

The novels are ruled to depict the beauty of South China and the theme of essays is the beauty of Guangxi. The works should be positive, optimistic, rich in story lines and readable to the public. Eroticism, violence and bloodiness are forbidden.

The contest invited well-known literary authors and scholars in and out of Guangxi to act as judges. The two chairmen of the judging panel are Jin Hualun, director of Guangxi Internet Information Office, and Huang Zhucheng, deputy secretary of Guangxi Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television Bureau Party Committee.