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Fangchenggang Leads Guangxi in Rice Imports

From January to April, Fangchenggang's total rice imports remained first in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

The port imported 9,979 tons of rice worth $5.63 million, amounting to 95.4 percent of the total volume for Guangxi and 96.4 percent of the total value.

As one of China's key rice import ports, Fangchenggang Port has been in steady development in recent years. The rice is mainly imported from Vietnam and Cambodia, and 99 percent is from Vietnam.

The amount and value of Fangchenggang's imported rice suffered a sharp decrease in the first four months compared with the same period last year, after China implemented import tariff quota management towards grain products such as rice, wheat and corn. Enterprises without an import quota need to pay high duties.

Many rice importers are waiting for the 2015 rice import quota examination and approval in June. By then, the rice imports of Fangchenggang will rise again.